Postdoc Position - Hybrid NoC SystemC Simulator

BBC Cominlabs Project.

Published 3/24/2017

18 months Postdoc Position in the context of the BBC Cominlabs Project.

Exploration of Network on Chip (NoC) hybrid technologies (radio, wired, optical links) to take advantage of broadcast mechanisms within manicore architectures.


The objective of the project is mainly to explore Network on Chip (NoC) hybrid technologies to take advantage of broadcast mechanisms within manycore architectures. The originality of the project firstly relies in the combination of 3 technologies (Radio, Wired, Optical links) that all have different benefits and drawbacks and can be used efficiently within a single NoC to transmit different types of data and synchronisation messages.

The work will first consist in the design of SystemC NoC simulator that will abstract the different technology layers with different access protocols as well as timing and power models. Secondly it will be necessary to add new communication mechanisms that cannot be detailed here. The last point concerns the interface with multiprocessor simulators.

A strong background in SystemC and parallel computing is required. A good knowledge of NoC tools and techniques will be highly appreciated.

Contact: Jean-Philippe Diguet, DR CNRS, MOCS Team

The successful candidate will join the MoCS team in Lorient. The fellowship is awarded for a period of 18months starting in June or September 2017. Interested candidats are expected to send, by email to jean-philippe.diguet(at), a detailed academic CV and references such as contact information of former supervisors.

Postdoc Position - Hybrid NoC SystemC Simulator

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