Séminar : Salam IKKI - Future Wireless Communications and the Challenges

Published 1/26/2018
Monday, February 26, 2018

ATTENTION / MODIFICATION DE DATE : Nouvelle date : 26/02/2018

Lieu : IMT-Atlantique - Petit Amphi

Heure: 14:00-15:30

Abstrat :

Wireless channels have impairments that limit the quality and the capacity of transmission. The impairments include
signal fading, co-channel interference, adjacent channel interference, noise, signal shadowing and propagation loss.
Faced with ever increasing demand for user services and finite spectrum (bandwidth) resources, new and improved
technologies must be developed to permit future wireless networks to sustain the increasing demands for services.
In this talk we are going to shed lights on three new techniques that can be implemented in the future generation for
wireless communications networks: Cooperative networks, Massive MIMO, Spatial modulation, and Non-Orthogonal
Multiple Access. Moreover, introduction to Location-awareness schemes for the future communication systems will
be presented. Finally, energy harvesting for health applications will be introduced.

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