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Journée du Club Optique-Microondes 2019

La journée du Club Optique-Microondes (JCOM 2019) de la SFO se déroulera le vendredi 7 Juin 2019 à Brest, dans les locaux de l'ENIB.



The French-Speaking Julia web site

The Lab-STICC has a large number of members involved in the usage and the development of the Julia language. Few of them are actively helping for the dissemination of the language, especially for the French speaking community.

OWHTC 2019

2019 Oberpfaffenhofen Workshop on High Throughput Coding

On February 27-28 2019, researchers of the IAS team were invited to present their recent results at the DLR, Germany.

Logo Archi

ARCHI 2019

Springer school on computer architectures, Lorient, May 20-24

The Lab-STICC laboratory, UMR 6285 CNRS - Université Bretagne Sud, will organise in Lorient, May 20 - 24, a springer school on "architecture of hardware embedded systems and related design methods".




Programme émergent régional SAMM

Visite de la plateforme SCAP industrie du futur

SCAP industrie du futur

Institutional Members

Enib Telecom Bretagne UBS UBO Ensta


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