Now Available: Data base of Non-Binary Low Density Parity Check Code!

A free corpus of good Non-Binary LDPC (NB-LDPC) codes for a large variety of coding rates and block lengths.

Published 10/26/2018

More than 300 matrices are available for NB-LDPC codes defined on GF(64) and GF(256).
Matrix definition, topological properties and performance are given for each set of matrices.



To access to the data base, go to:, click "matrices", and "New! matrices and simulation results from UBS". 


[1] E. Boutillon, "Optimization of Non Binary Parity Check Coefficients", accepted to IEEE Transactions on Information theory, oct. 2018, preprint at

[2] Alban Derrien, Emmanuel Boutillon, Audrey Cerqueus, "Additive, structural and multiplicative transformations for the Construction of Quasi Cyclic LDPC matrices". Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Communications. 

NB-LDPC Data Base

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