Int. Symp. on Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing

ISTC was held for the first time in Asia in last December

Published 1/11/2019

The 10th International Symposium on Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing (ISTC 2018), sponsored by the IEEE Information Theory Hong Kong Chapter, was successfully held from 3 to 7 December 2018 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Over the years, ISTC has become the main international conference dedicated to channel coding theory and its applications.

Several members of the Lab-STICC from IAS and COM were part of the organization committee of ISTC 2018 and the laboratory was well represented (8 participants) among the 140 participants.

The conference welcomed 15 distinguished keynote speakers coming from academy and industry all over the world (

ISTC 2018 also featured special sessions focused on the current and future trends in modern forward error control coding and iterative signal processing: polar coding, multiple access and coding techniques for beyond 5G systems, iterative signal processing in MIMO systems, ultra-high throughput coding, approximate message passing, molecular communications.

The final program of the conference is available here: The proceedings are available on IEEE Xplore.

The next ISTC will be held in September 2020 in Montreal, Canada:

ISTC'2018 Website

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