Lab-STICC @ Paris Air Show - Bourget

Published 6/21/2017

The Lab-STICC laboratory, specializing in communication and digital technologies, has been selected by the DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement) to present its work on 3D conformal antennas at the 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show - Bourget 2017.


The Lab-STICC is the only laboratory present on the DGA booth at the Ministry of Defense pavilion (the largest space in the Paris Air Show). Researchers are participating in the exhibition "Preparing Future Air Combat Systems".

The expertise of Breton researchers in the areas of cybersecurity and cyber defense is recognized at the highest level!
They present their work on 3D conformal antennas: new efficient and very compact radar extremities on drones or missiles.

These fully electronic antennas are made in 3D printing. This technology makes it possible to create new forms of antennas that can not be obtained with traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing also reduces size and performance by mixing different materials that are difficult to assemble to date. These antennas with convex and compact shapes, will allow switch from a coverage of 120 degrees for the current antennas, up to 270 degrees. This gain in operational efficiency makes it possible, among other things, to reduce the detection time of targets.This time gain, can be used to detect quasi simultaneously, other target. The first operational applications, carried out with the support of the DGA and in partnership with Thales, are planned for 2027.

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