Dr. Laura Conde-Canencia is rewarded at the fullbright grant ceremony

New challenges and opportunities for channel coding: 3-D memories and DNA storage

Published 7/5/2017

Dr. Laura Conde-Canencia has received a Fulbright Research Scholarship for her sabbatical year in University of California Los Angeles.


Dr. Conde-Canencia will dedicated her Scholarship to new challenges and opportunities for error-correcting codes in data storage. She will be a member of the Laboratory for Robust Information Systems in the Center on Development of Emerging Storage Systems. This research group is currently one of the most competitive and innovative in the world in the domain of channel coding for storage. Specifically, the LORIS laboratory works on developing innovative methodologies and techniques for modern data storage and memory technologies, future computing systems, and emerging data science applications. This laboratory is directed by Professor Lara Dolecek and has a distinguished record of research contributions in this domain.

Dr. Dolecek and Dr. Conde-Canencia plan to first focus on developing suitable error-correcting schemes based on multi-dimensional graph-based codes for the recent technology of 3-D ultra-dense flash memories. They also plan to consider the long-term promising research topic of DNA storage. Their objective is to contribute in this field by taking advantage of their experience in error-correcting codes for efficient digital communications. Their motivation is the worlwide current data-driven need for more reliable ultra-dense memories and the exploration of biotechnologies to replace electronic storage in the future.

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