10th International Cybersecurity Forum

The power of Homomorphic Encryption

Published 1/20/2018

Caroline Fontaine, Researcher at Lab-STICC, will participate and present Lab-STICC work on the power of Homomorphic Encryption. The presentation will take place at the 10th International Cybersecurity Forum on Tuesday 23 January 2018 afternoon.


Homomorphic encryption refers to encryption techniques (cryptography) that allow calculations to be made on encrypted data while guaranteeing its confidentiality from beginning to end. This type of technology holds great promise for securing data and outsourced services in the cloud. Caroline Fontaine will present a number of contributions in this area, resulting from common works within and between IRIS and MOCS teams at Lab-STICC: new system design, security analysis, and hardware acceleration.

10th International Cybersecurity Forum

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