Collaboration with York University

Since last September, the COM team and the Communication Technologies Research Group of the University of York have started collaborating on the topic of underwater communications and networking. After hosting Dr. Paul D. Mitchell from the University...

PhD Defense of Guillaume Bonnoron

A Journey towards practical homomorphic encryption

The defense will take place on March, 15th at Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise in Plouzané, at 2PM.

General Assembly, January 25, 2018

IMT Atlantique - Brest, France

On January 25, 2018, the Lab-STICC is holding its yearly 2017 general assembly (with a short delay).

10th International Cybersecurity Forum

The power of Homomorphic Encryption

Caroline Fontaine, Researcher at Lab-STICC, will participate and present Lab-STICC work on the power of Homomorphic Encryption. The presentation will take place at the 10th International Cybersecurity Forum on Tuesday 23 January 2018 afternoon.

GAUT 3.0: new version

GAUT free and open-source HLS tool is available for download!

Gaut logo
We are happy to announce that a new version of our high level synthesis tool GAUT is now available. GAUT 3.0 is FREE and OPEN-SOURCE Eclipse plug-in (Cecill-B license).

One month - One person - January 2018

Associate Prof. Cyrille Chavet

Every month, meet one person from Lab-STICC, exchange, share views, learn who he/she is. Assoc. Prof. Dr Cyrille Chavet will introduce this new section.

Nooman: Notifying Memories for Dynamic Data-Flow Application

ANR Young Researcher (JCJC) project for MOCS team

Kevin Martin (MOCS team) obtained funding from the ANR for the Young Researcher (JCJC) project Nooman.

URCLIM: Urban CLIMate services

European project URCLIM is part of the climate initiative ERA4CS

The main goal of the project is to implement integrated Urban Climates Services (UCS). These services could be useful to planners and related stakeholders, adapting their decision based on climate data and city-mapping.

EF-FECtive: Energy-First Design of LDPC Codes and Decoders

New Young Researcher (JCJC) project for COM and IAS teams

Elsa Dupraz (COM team), François Leduc-Primeau (IAS team) and Frédéric Guilloud (COM team) obtained funding from the ANR for the Young Researcher (JCJC) project EF-FECtive: Energy-First Design of LDPC Codes and Decoders

EPIC: Enabling Practical Wireless Tb/s Communications with Next Generation Channel Coding

New H2020 European cooperative research project

The IAS team is involved in EPIC, a European cooperative research project, started on 1st September 2017 with a duration of 36 months. EPIC is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

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