Postdoc position

Design and prototype of a coarse-grained reconfigurable and secured crypto-processor

Published 7/6/2018

The post-doc program consists of three major stages. The first step is familiarization with asymmetric cryptography, the operations involved in implementing some cryptographic primitives, and the architecture and compilation flow of the existing CGRA. The second part of the work consists in physically designing the new operators to be integrated into the CGRA. Finally, the last step is the modification of the compilation tool to exploit the new material available. We will evaluate the performance (speed, surface, energy) and the security to the main hidden channel attacks.

Download : [pdf] 1cryptocgra-postdoc-ubs-ntu.pdf (489.35 ko)

PhD position

Development of Ku-band circulators by multi-layer collective technology

Published 3/30/2018

The development of new architectures of active antennas requires compact circulators/insulators in Ku-band (15 – 17 GHz). The components should allow a CMS (surface-mounted component) carry over to PCB. These constraints will require the development of new LTCC-compatible ferrites with higher saturation magnetization than those developed for the X-band in the framework of a previous European project (LOCCIMIM). The gain in compactness will also be approached from the angle of topological optimization of the Y-junction. The proposed thesis will focus on the specific aspects of circulator modelling, in particular through the use of models for predicting the permeability of magnetized ferrites taking into account spatial inhomogeneity (so as not to undergo the effects of field inhomogeneity related to the polarization of the circulator by a permanent magnet but to take it into account at the design stage), and the technological problem of the realization of demonstrators in LTCC technology (co-sintering dielectric/ferrite/metallization, integration of the CMS type connector). To do this, the doctoral student will benefit from the expertise of the lab-STICC-UBO in the design of ferrite components and that of the lab-STICC-IMT Atlantic on LTCC technology.


Supervisors : Lab-STICC-UBO (Patrick Queffelec and Vincent Laur), Lab-STICC-IMT Atlantique (Vincent Castel and Camilla Karnfelt)
Industrial partners : Thales Optronics, Thales Research and Technology

Download : [pdf] these_circus_isos_dga_2018.pdf (388.80 ko)
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