Pedro Merino Laso: First Doctor of the Chair of Cyber Defence of Naval Systems

Pedro Merino Laso, doctoral student of the Chair of Cyber Defence of Naval Systems and DECIDE team, defended his thesis entitled "Detection of anomalies and cyberattacks based on multi-sensor data quality models", on Thursday December 7th 2017.

URCLIM: Urban CLIMate services

European project URCLIM is part of the climate initiative ERA4CS

The main goal of the project is to implement integrated Urban Climates Services (UCS). These services could be useful to planners and related stakeholders, adapting their decision based on climate data and city-mapping.

A new mobile application helps scientists map the sound environment

ENERGIC-OD European project

Anyone who owns an Android smartphone will soon be able to contribute to a research project, simply by recording the ambient noise. The purpose is to establish a participatory map of the sound environment.

New journal announcement

Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms

Prof. Marc Sevaux is pleased to announce the creation of a new Springer Journal: the Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms (JVRA).
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