ACID - Unified LTL Verification and Embedded Execution of UML Models

23 October 2018 - 14h

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Valentin Besnard (PhD student)

The increasing complexity of embedded systems leads to uncertain behaviors, security flaws, and design mistakes. With model-based engineering, early diagnosis of such issues is made possible by verification tools working on design models. However, three severe drawbacks remain to be fixed. First, transforming design models into executable code creates a semantic gap between models and code. Furthermore, for formal verification, a second transformation (towards a formal language) is generally required, which complicates the diagnosis process. Finally, an equivalence relation between verified formal models and deployed code should be built, proven, and maintained. To tackle these issues, we introduce a UML interpreter that fulfills multiple purposes: simulation, formal verification, and execution on both desktop computer and bare-metal embedded target. Using a single interpreter for all these activities ensures operational semantics consistency. We illustrate our approach on a level crossing example, showing verification of LTL properties on a desktop computer, as well as execution on a stm32 embedded target.

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