Transversal programs


Artificial Intelligence

The AI transversal program aims at gathering all activities related to Artificial Intelligence field.

Digital Factoy and Manufacturing

The challenges of the industry of the future can be supported in digital sciences: 3D reality and intelligent agents; model engineering and safe design; data ontology and software package interoperability; complex socio-technical systems modelling; datascience.

Cyber Security

CyruS is studying the possibility of defining better supervision methods and strategies to defend assets against cyberattacks. It addresses cybersecurity issues requiring inter-team and inter-department expertise. It addresses the issues of cyber protection, cyber defense and cyber resilience.
Systems of Drones

Management of Heterogeneous Drone Systems

Objective: Federate, Organise and Link the research topics of Lab-STICC teams that contribute to the design and development of future robotic autonomous systems.

Human Ambiant Assisted Living

Rapidly changing, modern society seeks to improve the relationship of man with its daily and limit the causes that make an excluded from social life.The HAAL project is dedicated to the study, design and analysis of services or devices designed to strengthen social ties or relieve the daily lives of people with disabilities, frail or elderly.

Information, Communication, Technologies for the Ocean

At the western tip Brittany stands the city of Brest on the territory of Finistère - Land’s End or Penn Ar Bed in Breton. For many, it is not an end but a beginning due to its opening on the ocean. R&D mixing geophysical understanding with engineering approaches is found within the research unit LabSTICC with an emphasis on several applications, among them the oceanographic domain is of importance

Neural Coding

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